You just never know

Today I received an email regarding a coworker that had unexpectedly passed away. I haven’t spoken to him since he transferred out of our location but do consider him a friend. This comes right on the heels of another coworker that met the same fate. These two people are those which I consider young andContinue reading “You just never know”

Home improvement

I currently own and live in a single-wide manufactured home. My home is within a trailer park for people that are employed by the state. It’s not the best place to live but I own it outright and I am surrounded by corrections officers. I feel safe here. My boyfriend has two children (14 andContinue reading “Home improvement”


I had a moment of slight desperation (ok maybe more than slight) and posted on Facebook asking where all of the good single guys are. Of course a few well meaning friends said things like, “When you’re not looking, he will find you” or “Get out and be more social”. I know these things andContinue reading “Hope”

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