A letter to myself

I find it hard to believe that everything can change so quickly. In mere minutes, your life can take a completely different direction. You barely have time to process what happened much less understand why…that is…if you are even afforded that option. How do you proceed when you are still in shock? How can lifeContinue reading “A letter to myself”

There is no gray area

I call myself a Christian witch. Yes that’s a thing…or at least it was. Yesterday I lit a white candle to focus on sending energy to the world so that my current beau may get his fair portion of custody of his kids. The mother (his ex-wife) will not allow him to see them. IContinue reading “There is no gray area”

Good boys bring heaven, too

There is a song by Julia Michaels that includes the following lyrics: “They say, “All good boys go to heaven” But bad boys bring heaven to you. The song is titled “Heaven” and is played as the third and final single from the soundtrack to the film Fifty Shades Freed (2018). I have found that 50% ofContinue reading “Good boys bring heaven, too”

Another completed chapter

Last Monday my boyfriend emailed me at work to tell me that he chewed my daughter’s ass out for supposedly bullying his daughter (they are ages 9 and 10 respectively). So I called him wondering what she did specifically. He couldn’t get his story straight much less give me any facts about her bullying hisContinue reading “Another completed chapter”


I didn’t graduate high school. My then boyfriend was extremely jealous and didn’t want me around other males at all. I dropped out because it was easier than dealing with his issues. I did gather enough courage and knowledge to kick his ass out the door a year later. This was one of the bestContinue reading “Graduation”

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