I didn’t graduate high school. My then boyfriend was extremely jealous and didn’t want me around other males at all. I dropped out because it was easier than dealing with his issues. I did gather enough courage and knowledge to kick his ass out the door a year later. This was one of the bestContinue reading “Graduation”

‘Til death do us part

I’m reading a book titled “The Perfect Father” by John Glatt. This is the true story of Chris Watts’ murder of his family. Shanann, Bella, Celeste and Nico all perished by his hands. At this point in time I am not sure what his mental state is purported to be when this happened but IContinue reading “‘Til death do us part”

Death Row and Executions

How do you feel about inmates on death row? They would have to earn their placement there based on their crimes. Should they be put to death? How should they be put to death? In Arizona, there are a total of 115 inmates on death row. Our Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, has filed a noticeContinue reading “Death Row and Executions”

Medication Overload

I expressed concerns to my doctor about possibly having ADD. Most of the time while I am reading, my brain jumps around to different topics until I catch myself. Then it does it again. My counselor said this could be ADD while my boyfriend says it’s normal. Is it though? If I have just becomeContinue reading “Medication Overload”

Does where you live define you?

We all know that we judge people based on where they live. Whether you live in a five bedroom elite, a manufactured home, a three bedroom in a master built community, an apartment or an RV. There are two reasons for why you live where you live. Either you choose to live there or youContinue reading “Does where you live define you?”

You just never know

Today I received an email regarding a coworker that had unexpectedly passed away. I haven’t spoken to him since he transferred out of our location but do consider him a friend. This comes right on the heels of another coworker that met the same fate. These two people are those which I consider young andContinue reading “You just never know”

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