Another completed chapter

Last Monday my boyfriend emailed me at work to tell me that he chewed my daughter’s ass out for supposedly bullying his daughter (they are ages 9 and 10 respectively). So I called him wondering what she did specifically. He couldn’t get his story straight much less give me any facts about her bullying his daughter. My daughter emailed me at work telling me she was terrified. So whilst on the phone with him, I pushed for more information. He told me that he told her she should be careful because people have older siblings. I immediately recognized this as a threat. As it would turn out, he told my 9 year old that when his 14 year old arrived at the house (she was currently being brought over) that she would beat the shit out of her. WTF?! My daughter emailed me again, begging for a response so I told her to go to her friend’s house until I get home. I ended my conversation with my boyfriend completely furious. He later emailed me to tell me that his teen and my daughter hugged and all was well.

Except it wasn’t.

When I got home from work I initiated a conversation immediately with offspring present. He was still unable to give me any specific information about what my daughter supposedly did to bully his daughter. I explained that what he told her (about his teen) was a direct threat.

He did not see it as a threat.

I ended the conversation by telling him that we were taking a break.

He occasionally put his hand on my shoulder, grabbed my hand to hold, kissed me and hugged me. I felt like a cold fish and he knew it too.

I was waiting for his teen to go home because she is spiteful and I worried that if she knew what I had planned then she would do something to “hurt” me. She was supposed to go home on Wednesday night but a traffic accident prevented her mother from coming over.

Thursday morning he told me that his ex was on her way to pick up their teen. I immediately asked my boss for the rest of the day and the following day off. I expected the worst but planned for the best.

My mind was made up.

As soon as she left we sat down on the couch together and I spoke my mind without sugar-coating it. I told him to get out because he threatened my child and I would not accept it. I told him I had a hair appointment scheduled later that night so he had a few hours to relocate himself.

As of today, he is barely in my life; we talk very little. I miss the companionship but not him. He activated Momma Bear and couldn’t even apologize for what he said. Yesterday I cleaned the house top to bottom removing all signs of him; the house looks wonderful and so does my future.

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