My ex-in-laws still babysit my 9 year old while I work. I am very thankful for this. However, yesterday E (my daughter) informed me that her grandparents are “homophobic”. I asked how she came to that conclusion and she said there was a commercial on TV for Pride Month and they told her they don’t want her watching that commercial or related ads because

Yes, they are hard core Christians.

I flew off the handle.

Trying my hardest to keep my composure, I messaged Mom and told her that those comments need to be kept to themselves. I raised all three of my children to be open minded and to accept all people no matter what color they are, what size they are, where they are from or what choices they make or who they love. I told her this.

Her response was that she wants to make sure God is in her life and that she goes to Heaven when she dies. I explained that both her (and her siblings) and I have our own relationship with God and that we are also open-minded and love all people, unlike them. She said she will *try* to keep her comments to herself. I stated very plainly that if it happens again then my children will not come over to their house.

Grrr!!!! Times are changing, people are changing. Well, a lot of them are changing but not all, unfortunately.

4 thoughts on “Coexist

  1. That is awesome, firstly that your daughter spoke to you about it and also your bravery standing up to someone who has different views. Well done and great parenting 🙌🌻


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