Sex is integral

A relationship without sex is what? A friendship? A friendship with kisses, cuddling and hand holding?

My relationship struggles with this. There is no sex at all. His “friend” is dead in the water. My boyfriend is 40, his “friend” should still be alive and thriving. My libido is at its peak and I feel so neglected. Can a relationship survive this?

He’s been taking supplements to bring back his fire (we’ve tried two so far) and there’s nothing.


How does this happen? He swears it’s not me but I cannot agree because what man would not want to have sex?





I don’t know how long I can ride this out. We’ve spent more time without sex than we have with sex. I would never cheat on him but I would break up with him if it continues.

2 thoughts on “Sex is integral

  1. Sorry for the struggle. Sex allows for bonding, and spices up the relationship, gives balance, deepens the connection and so much more. Hope all gets well and works out

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