Oh the possibilities!

Today I went in for a stress test at the cardiologist. I expect it to go well. I’ve had tingling in my left arm and just want to rule out heart problems.

The person who monitored me during this process picked up on my concentration camp tattoo right off the bat. No one else has gotten this without asking. We discussed our mutual likes of music, bands and our kids. He told me he was a drummer…I’ve always been a sucker for a musician.

At the end of my appointment I really wanted to leave him my number. It’s rare to connect with someone you just met.

I wondered what he looks like under that mask. Everything else looked good, even that slight tummy that middle aged men get. My mind wondered…what if….

Too bad I’m not single. I would’ve jumped all over that opportunity.

But is it ok to think like this? Does it mean that I’m unhappy or missing something? Is the grass greener over there? Perhaps. But I will probably never know. But I guarantee that if I do find myself single that I will make an appointment for another stress test!

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