Death Row and Executions

How do you feel about inmates on death row? They would have to earn their placement there based on their crimes. Should they be put to death? How should they be put to death?

In Arizona, there are a total of 115 inmates on death row. Our Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, has filed a notice of intent to seek warrants of execution against two of those inmates. Depending on when these inmates committed their crime, they may be able to choose the method in which they are executed (lethal gas or lethal injection).

I personally approve of executions after being in prison for a long time? Why? Because prison is not fun. Inmates get a lot of time to contemplate all aspects of their lives, including their crimes, whether they are actually innocent or guilty. Sitting in a small cell all day with little time out, staring at the walls, having little to no contact with the world outside of their cells…it sounds like punishment and it is. They deserve it. The longer they sit in prison, the more punishment they receive. What better way to pay for your crime topped off with an execution?

Some people can have closure when the inmate is caught. Some can have closure when the inmate is serving time in prison and some when the inmate is executed. For those that need the execution for closure, lengthy time in prison beforehand really drags it out. But remember, prison is not fun.

Tell me your thoughts on executions. Which methods, if any, does your state partake in?

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