A windy day

Today (and last night) were quite windy. It’s a reminder of sorts that days that look yin can have some yang flowing through. It’s all about the balance of life.

I experience mostly yin with my boyfriend but have seen some yang as well. I wonder what the next moment of yang will look like. Will it be the one that sends him packing? I remind myself that I too have yang and have some moments that could make someone question the relationship. But those dark moments make you cherish the bright ones even more. I am waiting for him to propose to me. Yep. The next big step. I know I will say yes but that little doubt in my mind may put a wedding off to the future. I need to know that I can handle the moments of darkness.

I do daydream about a perfect ceremony in the woods with trees and flowers and a promise to love him each day. I will never again promise to love someone until death because people change and sometimes that’s a promise that cannot be held. We cannot predict the future. So for now, we will wait but I will dream away.

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