Home improvement

I currently own and live in a single-wide manufactured home. My home is within a trailer park for people that are employed by the state. It’s not the best place to live but I own it outright and I am surrounded by corrections officers. I feel safe here.

My boyfriend has two children (14 and 9 yrs) whom stay with us on the weekends. I have a 9 year old that I get every other week. So when all three children are at the house, it becomes painfully obvious that a two bedroom is insufficient. I have asked around for a bigger house within my area, I’ve applied for mortgages and been denied and I have applied for low-income housing. My boyfriend and I haven’t been dating long enough to acquire new living accommodations together.

Yesterday, my friend across the street messaged me. He wanted to know if I would be interested in trading houses. WHAT?!?! He has a three bedroom that’s almost twice the size of mine. He is going through a divorce and his daughter has moved with her mom to Georgia. He doesn’t need such a big house. Are you serious!?! We viewed each other’s houses seem to be in agreement to trade. I am so excited!!

My mind has been in overdrive thinking about how to make that house personalized for me but in a way that has the approval of the rest of the family. It needs new flooring and so much paint. What colors do I want? What kind of flooring? I think I will have a paint party but I certainly don’t want to install all of the flooring by myself. It’s almost 1400 sq. ft. Luckily I have some money set aside that I can pay someone to install it for me.

I’m so excited; have I mentioned that? I don’t know what kind of time frame I am looking at, maybe 2-3 months. It’s amazing how things just work out for you if you can give them enough time.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

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