My boyfriend’s ex keeps trying to connect with me via Facebook. So far she has sent me a message and a friend request both under different names. I know their relationship didn’t end well so I question her motives. What good could possibly come from this? None. I want to know how she found out about me. Is he still friends with her? He states she is blocked so the only thing I can think of is that perhaps she is still friends with his sister. IDK. I asked him yesterday if there was anything I needed to know and he said no. I still wonder though. What if he’s not being honest with me? I have had so many people lie to me that I find it hard to believe people and I hate that. He has exaggerated about things here and there and I brush it off. Some people are just like that. Am I wrong? Am I brushing away something bigger? Why do I have to question myself and him? Can’t we just be happy? I have chosen to block her (both accounts) and will move on. Hopefully that little seed of doubt will go away with time. Perhaps that was her motive.

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