I spoke too soon

Steven came over last night at my request. Our mutual friend, Liz, shared with me that his last girlfriend ripped his heart out. Had I known this I would have made different choices yesterday. No wonder the guy is scared and wants to take things slowly. He also shared with me that his ex-wife had told him that she felt like he was molesting her the entire time. WTF. That really messes with you on so many levels. My heart breaks for this man. I don’t know where we currently stand; seeing each other or friends. In my mind things have to be classified but he is not that way so I feel like I am in limbo. When he came over last night I wanted to kiss him so bad; I really enjoy kissing him. He left it up to me so we did. We cuddled on the couch too while we discussed things like helping him heal. I told him that I want to help him work through it and he is ok with that. I just need for him to know that he can trust me. If only I had better insight before I called it off.

Today is day one of two in which I am only able to consume liquids. I am starving. I had Herbalife snack drink in peach mango for breakfast and chicken bone broth throughout the day. I have to say that “Better than Buillion” is an excellent choice for broth. It actually tastes pretty good. This is something you can find at your local grocery store; I found mine at Walmart.

Have a good night (or day) all.

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