Starting over again

Yesterday I put off plans so I could spend some time with Steven. I immediately messaged him when I got off work and didn’t receive a response. I knew he was sleeping. Call it a gut feeling. So I proceeded with my plans anyway. He messaged me 6 hours later apologizing for falling asleep. Remember he works graves so he sleeps during the day…except the days when he sleeps in the evenings. So this would be the third time that I have been disappointed because his sleep schedule is off kilter. We’ve only been seeing each other for 6 weeks; it is too early for disappointment. So I sent him a message this morning telling him we should remain friends for now. He needs to get his sleep schedule straightened out as well as his mental issues (his words, not mine). So…I’m freakin single again. I really hate this. Why does it need to be so hard? This year I am hating Valentine’s day.

I emailed the medical assistant for my doctor to make sure everything is on track for surgery on Monday. She told me that she is still waiting for the clearance from my PCP. Mind you I got this message from her yesterday! So I am kinda freaking out thinking that surgery may need to be postponed if they cannot get this clearance. I called and she stated that if she cannot get it from my PCP then the operating doctor can approve it because they did originally receive the clearance two years ago when I started going to this clinic. I tried calling her this morning but she comes in at 10. I don’t know about her but I really like to have my ducks in a row before stuff happens, like say, surgery.

That’s all for now, folks. For those of you who are single, you’re not alone. For those of you who are in a relationship, enjoy it while it lasts.

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