Just another day in the life of me.

Steven messaged me this morning, frustrated as hell. His neighbor’s fire alarms were screaming and his neighbor is usually home but didn’t respond to him. Being a first responder, he gained access to the apartment and determined that it was unoccupied. His neighbor later came home and was mad that he went into the apartment. That’s right, no “Thank you”. Silence either indicates that the person is not home or not conscious, or deaf as the case is not. The apartment manager was threatening to press charges for breaking and entering. Seriously? What has this world come to? I personally would be appreciative regardless if I was home or not.

I weighed myself this morning and I weigh the exact same amount as the other day! What the heck? But then I remembered that I am eating mostly protein now and my system has slowed down. I will buy some Benefiber tomorrow to consume during this whole process.

On a sad note, a friend of mine has passed away. I didn’t know him well but still consider him a friend. He had humor in most of his words and was always willing to help other people. I don’t know how old he was but I would guess in his 50s at the oldest. He did seem to be in pain constantly and it was more pronounced at the last ritual we attended….yet he still had his humor about him. The world has lost another light however may he rest in peace without pain.

Goodnight world and goodbye Mike. I hope you have found your peace.

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