13 days to go!

I have 13 days until my surgery. I am not one bit nervous. I’ve begun food prep for afterwards so I don’t have to put effort into food. I weighed myself this morning and it was a scary 294.4. My highest was 311 and that was 16 years ago. It scares me to think I am right there again. My goal weight is to just be under 200.

Yesterday was the beginning of my two week pre-op diet. I am not eating carbs/fruits/veggies. I actually did pretty well. Usually the first day of any diet is the most difficult (mentally). Perhaps it’s the knowledge that the surgery is coming?

I am still seeing Steven. We have not moved into the dating phase yet but I think it’s time. We clearly have interest in each other and that’s not including that passion that two Scorpios can have. He’s technically a Scorp-itarrius as he was born on the cusp. So some Scorpio characteristics I have seen in him include being dominant (which I freakin’ love) and the need for control. The control one is something I am walking cautiously around. If it ever gets to be too much then I will send him on his way. My ex-husband is the calm, laid back submissive type which drove me insane. He doesn’t take the reigns for anything. So…dating (I mean seeing) and dominant male is very attractive to me.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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