I went to Walmart today and bought a whole bunch of foods I don’t usually eat. I’m getting ready for my two week pre-operation eating. I know I spent more money than I should have but I also purchased TV dinners for my daughter after surgery because I doubt I will be cooking. It does feel good to buy stuff that has been on the list forever because I didn’t think I needed it….I just wanted it? IDK.

Tonight I am going over to Steven’s house for Chinese takeout and to watch a movie. I am not sure which movie we will be watching, if we really do watch one. Last night was getting pretty heated. I dreamt about him all night which is so unusual for me.

I have to admit that him working the night shift is difficult for me. My ex was on graves for years and it was more of a problem than helpful. I get up early most days and enjoy the sunlight and the busyness of the world. He is awake while I am asleep. I’m not sure how we can really do things, like road trips or zoo visits, when we’re on opposite schedules. But so far I like this guy so we’ll see where it goes. Everything is moving in a natural progression which is really nice. Mr. Cheater of course wanted one thing and there was no waiting for it. Steven is clearly not here for that and I truly respect him for that reason, amongst others.

Alright…have a good night everyone.

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