The countdown begins

My doctor confirmed for me that I will be having weight loss surgery-gastric sleeve-on February 17th. As of today, I am 101 lbs over my goal. As I type I am munching on Tagalongs. I wonder why I am overweight :/ I am fully ready to give them up in the week I have remaining to eat freely. I think I need some ice cream too lol. Just so you know, I am fully committed to the dietary restrictions that will take place post surgery. I am basically holding a funeral for the foods that will be out of my life for quite some time, if not forever.

I’ve always had an issue with food. I would like to thank my mother for that. The way that she showed love was by buying me things which included food. She encouraged me to use food when I was sad or happy. There were no limits on what I could eat. Having spent so much of my life eating freely, it is no wonder that I am overweight. I have strongly instilled into my children to eat until satisfied-not until they are full-and to limit treats to two a day. Of course this means I hide when I am eating because I don’t want them to see Momma’s bad habits. It doesn’t help that I have 10 cases of Girl Scout cookies watching me.

My doctor appointment got done in half the time expected so I went to hang out with Steven. I do enjoy this guy. Our conversation was more balanced but not quite to 50% yet. He continued to email me while at work which I love. Communication is super important to me. I was kinda hoping to be able to see him tonight but he hasn’t responded to my text. In his defense, he works graves and was up all day so I am willing to bet the poor guy fell asleep.

Alright all…I’m going to bed. I know it’s early but I enjoy sleep. Have a good night or day, as some are currently having.

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