I just want to sleep

I let my daughter sleep with me off and on. We slept together since she was born. Mind you, she is capable of sleeping in her own bed. 99% of the time when she wakes up she leaves my bedroom and will quietly keep herself entertained. For reasons unknown to me, she decided to play the iPad in my bed. This means that she was watching YouTube videos…without her headphones…while I was supposed to be asleep. When the battery was too low, she asked me if she could charge it. She asks because the only charging cable in the house is plugged into my cell phone. After agreeing to this, she left for the living room. But apparently the TV wasn’t working properly so she came and asked me about that too. Grrrr. I know I am a mom and that I should take care of her before myself, and I do most times. However, on weekends (it’s still my weekend today because of the holiday) I need to sleep in. On Saturday we got up early to attend Disney on Ice because my wonderful co-worker gave me tickets to see it. Let me just say that the Disney on Ice show was amazing. The acrobatics were phenomenal. Anyhow, I’m going to go enjoy my coffee while entertaining my thoughts. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, whether you are working or not.

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